I have been doing a lot high intensity body weight work outs recently and have found myself having a lot more energy throughout the day. I’ve slimmed down, toned up and have gained a lot of strength because of it. One thing I’ve learned is that solely lifting heavy and whey protein hasn’t been my friend haha. I had a lot of useless water weight just for the sake of getting my weight up. I wasn’t focusing on cardio because my goal was to get as much gains as possible. This new regiment I’ve been on these past few months have given me better results than regiments past.

Here are some of the work outs I follow: Remember, don’t focus on the lb of the weights, but how far you can push yourself past the point of exhaustion.


Get up, grab your partner and get to it. Quick 60 second video that can easily turn into a 15 minute work out at home, in your apartment or at the gym. Great for doing in between commercials of The Bachelorette or during pre-season Football games.


Another Ab Workout that’s easy and effective and can say I personally do within my ab routine. @MensHealth does a great job breaking it down and it’s super easy to follow along.