Health & Fitness

Health is Wealth: Movement is Medicine

Stay Active, Take Walks, Play Sports, Run 5k’s, Run Half Marathons, Go Hiking, Take a Kickboxing Class, Join a Volleyball League

Make “Staying Active” a social gathering and it will seem less like a force, and more of a lifestyle. Challenge your friends!

I currently am a member at New York Sports Club.

Location: Variable

The best thing you can possibly do as a new member of NYSC is to sign up for the passport pass. They have really good deals on membership monthly dues because of the rise in competition throughout the city. (Crunch, Equinox and many other Crossfit Gyms to name a few) and this allows you to go to any of their locations in the city. So for a guy like me who likes to go to different neighborhoods around manhattan, I can always drop by a new location to get a quick sweat going!

I also believe that the Major Key (DJ Khaled voice) to health and fitness is exploring new activities. Always trying something new and being a student in various practices are more essential than being a master of one practice. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud people who are amazing at a particular sport or martial art, but for me, personally, I love trying new things, new sports, new workouts.

It gets my competitive juices flowing.



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