About Me



You can call me Andrew. I am a travel enthusiast by day and life hack by night. My intention for you, the reader, is to use this as an aide to also discover new ways of living and thinking. One thing you’ll pick up about me is that I’m always open to new ideas. I listen, implement and share the experiences I’ve gained with as many people as possible. I believe that you are a direct reflection of the people you keep present in your life. I have been fortunate enough to have met some of the most amazing people by keeping an open mind and letting people tell their stories. Come follow me as I share some of mine.

I’m 26 years young, just recently moved to Manhattan and am blessed enough to be here sharing the stories that have shaped me. You’ll quickly notice that I emphasize on healthy food options, fitness, reading, music, art, traveling, photography, sustainability, fashion and motivational ideas. I have a wide range of interests because I’ve trained myself to not let a populous shape my ideas. If you engage yourself in conversation with a diverse group of people, I’ve learned that it can expand your mind and put things in a different perspective for you. Traveling can really expedite the process, but if you keep an open mind everyday, you’ll end up learning a lot about yourself.

My objective is to influence as many people as possible to become who they were intend to be; To live their life to the full potential. I’ve noticed that the majority of people live in fear. Fear of rejection, Fear of not living up to who others expect them to be, Fear of age and being too “old” to start something new, Fear of failure. I myself used to live in that bubble and I can assure you that it can lead to regret and wasted time. I’ve come to learn that a person’s fear is self inflicting and once you stop living for others and do whatever it is you’re intended to do, a whole world opens up for you that you didn’t know existed.

I am truly blessed to have met some amazing people and I have far exceeded my biggest dreams. I can’t wait to continue my journey and take you along with me. I’m hoping I can influence you to be open to new ideas, live in a world where fear isn’t present and above all else:E.T.


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