Let’s Dance

He was just a guy enjoying his life.

She was just a girl prepping for her girls trip.

He just came from work.

She just finished getting ready.

He was friends with him.

She was friends with him.

He opened the door.

She was taken back.

He went in for the hug.

She went in for the handshake.

Hi I’m Andrew.

Hi I’m Jasmine.

Nice to meet you.

Cordial on the outside.

Burning desire on the inside.

Conversation ensued.

The Uber came.

He grabbed her.

“I ordered a separate Uber for us.”

She noticed him.

Feelings developed.

The drop off spot

2 blocks away.

They walked towards the bar.

They passed an older couple

with a dog.

They both thought to themselves.

They look so happy.

We both wanted their lives.

The feeling was mutual.

They arrived at the bar.

She sat quietly.

He drank to ease the nerves.

She looked at him.

He bought her a drink.

They both feel the music.

She looked at him again.

She’s all he saw.

He walked up to her.

Grabbed her hand.

Whispered with confidence

“Let’s Dance”



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