Get To The Choppuh

If you had the opportunity to choose one super power what would it be?

If you’re like me and chose flying, then read the following steps below to turn that dream into a reality.

  1. Go to 
  2. Book a Tour
  3. Thank me Later

This was hands down the best experience of my life.

I was scrolling through my Instagram one night and saw this ridiculous ad for a helicopter tour that doesn’t have any doors that lets you dangle off the side and let your feet hang. I was sold completely. I remember immediately texting people to see who was down to go. Granted it’s pricier than most of the other tours in the city, so it was a hard sell for most people but when it comes down to it, when you look back, you won’t care that you used up your grocery budget for the week for the once in a lifetime experience.


I am telling you, this is THE helicopter tour of all helicopter tours. The company itself is still pretty new, so there was concern a little bit of the legitimacy of the business. You have to take the PATH train to Journal Sq in Jersey and then take an Uber from the station to the launch site, but once I was at their office I was pleasantly surprised at its legitimacy. FlyNYON just upgraded their office and it’s super welcoming and they do a great job. It’s got a start up company vibe with its VR room and open industrial layout. It’s a very clean and professional. The staff are awesome; if you have any questions about the flight, they do a great job in clarifying things for you.

I’ve been to the Top of the Rock, The Empire State Building, The Freedom Tower, I’ve been to most rooftops in New York City… But now I’m screwed because I can’t look at New York’s skyline the same way. When you’re sitting off the edge of the Helicopter starting at the financial district from that vantage point, you’re literally in shock at how beautiful the city is. It’s almost like your eyes are playing games with you and trying to show you something that you can’t believe is real. But enough of me writing about the experience, take a look for yourself…



Enjoy your tour, bring a camera, take it all in and above all else:






2 thoughts on “Get To The Choppuh”

  1. Hey There Andrew
    I cannot look at these pictures without feeling a bit of anxiety Lol
    I will be gettn to the choppa
    Looks like such a breath taking experience I cant wait to fly



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