Why Exploring Is Extremely Important.

I was going to write about my experience on Sunday jet skiing through Jamaica Bay and Rockaway Beach, but wanted to address the deeper meaning as to why I do what I do. What is the significance of me going out of my way to constantly try new things? I felt that a blog post about the importance of exploring was more necessary than just a another post about me exploring.

The only two driving forces that I believe we have in life is Time and Love.

We have an extremely limited amount of time to do what we love. So why not spend the most time loving what we do.

I think that as we age, we just become lazy. We become monotonous. We become extremely comfortable in the life that we’ve worked hard to to set up for ourselves. We schedule everything and lose track of our two driving forces for other “priorities”. And I use quotes because shouldn’t our actual priorities be the only two driving forces we have in life? Time and Love.

Exploring addresses those issues. It takes our perceived priorities and breaks the monotony. When you’re forced to be put in a new situation, you’re also forced to explore. Your thought process changes, your perspective changes, your problem solving skills. And you’re forced to grow.

I have been fortunate enough to have been put in situations where I’ve had to adjust quickly and explore new ways of living. This has allowed me put myself in situations where I can learn quickly. Whether it’s trying a brand new sport, or navigating through the streets of Bangkok.

I’ve found a way to maximize my time doing what I love. Being able to explore effectively enables me to be confident in every situation I put myself in. For example: going into a job interview, I’m able to recall my experience exploring a business fraternity in college the first day I transferred to the university. That business frat helped me with my interviewing skills. So on and so forth.

Another example of why exploring built my confidence. Again back to being new at a university and learning how to use the public transportation at a large university, it then translated to my learning quickly how to navigate through manhattan. Which can be intimidating to some, but for me, I took it as a challenge. And then sure enough, when I travelled to Thailand, getting around was a breeze because the fact that I was willing to learn and explore in Manhattan, exploring in Thailand was just an extension of that mindset. What’s that old saying? If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere..

Exploring is a culmination of all of your previous experiences and building upon that. Actively finding comfort in uncomfortable situations. With this mentality, you’ll be able to experience amazing things as they happen, as opposed to worrying about being too hot, or too tired, or hungry, or how unideal the situation is for you.

With that being said, go out there and put yourself in a new situation. Explore new activities, try new things, or do the same things with new people. You’ll be surprised at how different something so familiar may feel with someone new. And since I brought up jet skiing earlier, you’re probably wondering how it went:




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