Tipsy Scoop: I Scream for (adult) Ice Cream

Disclaimer: This ain’t your hometown ice cream parlor.

This is a brand new take on everyone’s favorite dessert: Liquor Infused Ice Cream. Omg that’s right. Some genius combined the two greatest things together to bring you this decadant delicacy.

Have you ever been to your local brewery and tried a flight of Ice Cream? No? Didn’t think so. Like me, you probably thought that wasn’t a thing. Well yeah, now, thanks to Tipsy Scoop, you can now have bonafide ice cream with various liqueurs infused in it. What a trip. The experience itself is amazing. I don’t want to give you too much insight on it because I want you to experience it yourself, but I will tell you this: If you’re skeptical that it will taste weird or that you won’t taste the alcohol, I can attest that they get it right on both accords. The ice cream is somewhere between soft serve and hard ice cream. Depending on which liqueur is infused will vary in consistency of the ice cream. The ice cream by itself, if no liqueur was involved, would be a top 5 ice cream parlor.

Now as far as the liquor infusion process. I don’t know exactly how they do it, but it’s genius. The liquor is definitely prominent and isn’t recommended for those under age. Not going to lie, after the flight you can kind of get a decent buzz. They have a Happy Hour, believe it or not, that may make you reconsider changing your current HH destination.

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 8.53.25 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-11 at 8.59.16 PM

If you want to get your boozy ice cream delivered to your doorstep, straight Haagen Dazs style, then you can do it right off of their website. If you want to try one of their season flavors, such as chocolate stout pretzel, you can do it right off their website. If you want to create your own flavor, you do it right off their website. If you want to create your OWN pint with your logo and theme, you can do it right off their website!

To sum up, what have we learned here today? That:

A) Liquor infused ice cream is real

B) It’s actually good

C) You can divert your co workers to an ice cream based happy hour and still get hammered 

D) For those unfortunate enough to go to one, can get it delivered to their house right off their website.

#MindBlownScreen Shot 2017-08-11 at 9.02.19 PM



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