The List.

It’s August already. Summer is slowly slipping away. Queue in Lana. 🌇

Great song, but back to the matter at hand. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your NYC Summer Bucket List, check out my personal guide to ending your summer in the city with a bang. Comment below on all the ones you’ve done and which ones you’re down to check off with me. ✓

  1. PUBLIC Hotels


    This is a rooftop thats started some controversy in the news recently. I don’t condone the headlines but I also can see why it’s earned its infamous reputation at this point. The place is stunning. An absolute handsome hidden gem located in LES right off of Chrystie St. Definitely check out their website because they constantly have private events that will surely impress your date.

  2. Rooftop Cinema Club


    So I’ve gone to a free movie in the park by the chelsea piers last month to watch Moonlight (under the moonlight) which was pretty cool. Hated the movie, but thats a discussion for another day.. But what I’m really trying to do is join the rooftop cinema club and catch a classic 1940’s Casablanca type film in midtown! Tickets are kind of steep for a movie at around $35 each, but damn would it be legit perfect. Make sure you hop on buying tickets early because most of the good movies are already sold out!

  3. Refinery Rooftop


  4. The High Line


    I remember the first time going here last winter and thinking what a freakin cool spot this is. And then I came back here for the first time this season and was reminded how beautiful this spot it. Go for a stroll on your lunch break, grab a beer, take in some street art and the view of the Hudson river and NJ right across the water. Once a converted from an old rail road tracks, you can now enjoy a well maintained park, seconds from Chelsea Market. Pictures don’t do it justice, just enjoy the stroll.

  5. SPiN NYC


    I’m considerably dirty at every sport I try. I’ve been challenged by my friend Claire who grew up on ping pong. I’ve accepted and will go into full Forest Gump mode so watch out LOL. Once I master this I’ll be accepting more challenges from fellow competitive pong athletes.

  6. Chelsea Market


    As I mentioned earlier, the Highline and Chelsea Market are steps away from each other so you can bang both these out on any given sunday pre or post brunch. Immerse yourself in the different vendors, merchants, designers and creatives. Grab a Gelato, or pick up a few lbs of fresh lobster. Try the goat milk ice cream and then pick up a book for the road. »»

  7. The Met Rooftop


    The Metropolitan Museum of Art deserves its own spot on this list, however I had to say finding the rooftop itself was a pretty cool experience. There’s only one elevator in the entire museum that leads up to the rooftop, so it’s kind of a cool scavenger hunt type feeling. It’s such a beaut during sunset of course, but just the idea that you’re sipping a cocktail on top of thousands of years worth of art was a pretty awesome concept.

  8. The Frick


  9. Avocaderia


    If you’re obsessed with all things avocado like I am then this is the spot for you. If you’re thinking about going for dinner, better reschedule plans because they’re only open 9am – 4pm on weekdays, 11-5pm weekends which makes sense. You gotta keep them fresh! They serve Toasts, Salads, Bowls and Smoothies! Who else is down to try everything on their menu? 

  10. Coney Island


    Famously known for their 4th of July Hotdog Eating Contest (which idk if you’ve ever seen on ESPN, is grossly addicting to watch), Coney Island seems like a day trip I’d want to take on a random weekday when it’s less crowded. It’s been a few years since I’ve gone, but I absolutely wouldn’t mind hopping on a ridiculously old wooden coaster after a few brews and chili dogs.

  11. Le Bain


    This is a 2 for 1 bucket list item because it’s not only a gorgeous rooftop that gives you the best views of the Hudson River and Downtown Manhattan, but you also get access to one of the nicest beer gardens in the city on the first floor. Not to mention there’s a hot tub on the top floor that over looks the city. Grab a bottle of champagne and indulge. If you get tired and don’t feel like going home, book a room at the Standard Hotel that houses the rooftop views. (pro tip: go to the Samsung Experience showroom right across the street)

  12. Brass Monkey


    Located right next to the highline, Brass Monkey is a good pit stop to go to catch a few brews and watch the sunset. Your standard rooftop beer garden that I haven’t happened to go to just yet.

  13. Mr. Purple


    I’d say if you have one day in the city, Go here for the views. It’s always great vibes and high priced drinks, but the scenery easily compensates. This rooftop gets ridiculously packed come Friday night around 11:30 so if you’re there for the sunset, stay for the music at night. Bring your favorite trunks/bikini because it may lead to one of those nights.

  14. Phd Midtown


    Fellas. This is a standard rule for any boujee nightclub you go to but don’t go and stand in line with 4 of your bros and expect to get in without any of your lady friends with you. I think last time I was there, I made that mistake and the bouncer charged us $200 or $300 for the group to get in. I kid you not. We forked up the money.. and was it worth it you may ask? Absolutely.

  15. Central Park Boat Rental


    I’ve been by the Loeb Boathouse multiple times but haven’t found time to go on a boat ride yet. Whether on a bumble date or an anniversary, you can’t go wrong with impressing your date. I’m probably looking to do this once in the summer and again late September for the Foliage. Either way I can’t freakin wait.

  16. Tao Downtown


    I’ve also heard nothing but amazing things about this place. So grab yourself a cocktail and let the festivities begin. Located next to PHD Downtown. I’m more excited to check this place out more than any other nightclub just because of the throwback dĂ©cor to Thailand. From the pictures alone it has that Bangkok, Hangover 2 vibe.

  17. Pier 26 kayaking


    Get out of the metropolis, get onto the water and go kayaking.. FOR FREE. that’s right rentals included.. all they ask for is a donation so don’t be stingy because the experience is definitely worth it. You can race your buddy or just cruise along the river and bask in its beauty. Pro Tip: stay within the designated area and don’t think you can just kayak your way into Jersey lol it’s not happening.

  18. The Bronx Zoo

    1491334216-bronx-zoo-gorilla-ticketsMe waking up on a Sunday morning trying to decide whether to check out the zoo or stay in bed. No but seriously guys I’m trying to go see the animals

  19. 1 Hotel


    This was definitely my favorite rooftop bar to date in terms of views. Located in Dumbo, This legit has the best combined view of the Hudson River, Brooklyn Bridge and of Downtown Manhattan. Get there early about an hour before sunset and before the crowd starts getting heavy. Grab a table with some buddies, grab your favorite cocktail or bucket of beer for the table (around $37 for 5 locally brewed beers) and celebrate the sun’s descent.

  20. Pier 45

  21. New York Harbor Jet Ski

    I mean locals will say why the hell do you wanna go on the Hudson River? It’s so dirty. And all I can say to that is.. Why wouldn’t you? How often do you get to see NYC from this perspective? Also I need more go pro content for the blog hahah I’m looking to book this soon before Labor Day. Check out their website for pricing and dates!

  22. Brooklyn Bridge

  23. Montauk

  24. Shakespeare in the Park

  25. TKTS


    TKTS is a hidden gem that I feel like most people don’t inquire about. I’m sure if you’ve been to Times Square, you’ve sat on the Red Stairs not knowing that underneath the stairs, is a ticket booth where you can get discounted tickets to top Broadway shows! Granted it’s in a busy location, however, if you’re looking for discounted tickets without the hassle of commuting to midtown (we all hate it) then try the one at Lincoln Center! Lines are much shorter with the same results. Try to get there and line up around 11:30 because doors open up at 12:00. Haven’t been to too many Broadway shows yet but the most recent one I went to was Anastasia… and it was absolutely phenomenal. Check it out!

  26. Tipsy Scoop


    Ok my friend put me on this the other day and since she told me, it’s been constantly on my mind.. Self explanatory. One bite, everyone knows the rules. Which one of you guy are lactose tolerant?!

  27. Little Italy


  28. Eataly

  29. Momofoku Milk Bar

  30. Electric Zoo

  31. Trapeze School NY


    I stumbled upon this when I went running the other day near Greenwich Village. I’m minding my own business listening to Mura Masa or Kygo and then outta nowhere I see bodies. Just flying over my head lol I stopped an watched, saw a sign to take classes, the public is welcome with no previous experience required and thought.. I’m definitely signing up LOL why not?

  32. Houston Hall


    Houston Hall has been on my radar for a while now. Clearly you can host private events and wedding receptions, but I’m going for its main purpose. Beer. This massive beer hall is reminiscent of the Great Hall from Harry Potter #TBT. Check out their website to view more galleries and breweries they use!

  33. U.S. Open


    I don’t know about you guys but watching this years Wimbledon was one of the most inspiring things ever. You have this all time champ nearly 40 years of age that just won a record 8th Wimbledon Title. I mean granted Djokovic got injured in the tourney and they didn’t face off, but still. Damn.. I have yet to see this man play and I need to do it this year before the legend retires… who’s down?

  34. Brooklyn Brewery


If you love locally brewed beer as much as I do, then you’re just the perfect person to come with me to check out this place. A staple in the brew community, I’m kind of surprised that I’ve been here for 8 months and haven’t tried it. The only brew’s that I can attest for is the standard Brooklyn Lager and Summer Ale. Blame the private party event space that had an unlimited quantity of free Brooklyn bottled beer at its open bar.

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