My Bangkok Horror Story

 The Ghost Tower

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So I was more excited to do go here than pretty much anywhere else in Bangkok. I’ve watched so many videos of free-runners coming up here and hanging off the side of the building, getting to the top and doing crazy backflips onto the edge. Yeah absolutely nuts. YouTube Ghost Tower Bangkok and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Right.. so we plan out the day so that we get to the Ghost Tower around 4 because sunset in Thailand is always around 6:30 pm. Figured we’d go bring our go pros, speakers, the rest of our Jack and watch the sunset from the rooftop. Oh how we were mistaken. Just an absolute process that I feel the need to share with you otherwise you’ll be extremely disappointed to go through what we went through for nothing.

So we take a taxi to the location and were confused AF because when we go there, there were metal fences all around the building so that there was no way in. Just metal sheet all around the perimeter and we walked around to see if there was another entrance in.. nothing. So naturally, I decided to climb the fence. Mind you, there were signs everywhere saying trespassing is punishable as a felony offense… this and that.. whatever.. get to the top and then heard someone yelling in Thai (presumably to get the fuck off).. it was a street vendor yelling who was pretty much the look out.. I approach him ask him how the hell do we get in.. we’re from America (when all else fails just say you’re from America)… he then shouts out to a guard who was on the other side of the fence. He walks up, I shit you not, he looked like Jafar from Aladdin when he tricks him to go and find the Lamp..


and says sorry no more.. read the sign… we can’t let you in… so I go… ok but how do we get in? We’re from America! lol.. nothin no response. He walks away and I scream 100 baht!….. he comes back and tells us to walk to this hidden metal door.. in which he unlocks and lets us in for the agreed upon price.

I get strapped up with my go pro, adrenalines pumping I’m ready to run up this abandoned 60 story building.

We go up to the stairs, there’s a door welded shut… a master lock the size of a baseball on the door handle with no way of going up.. we go to the back set of stairs.. same deal… we go back to the guard and ask him for the key.. and his response is as follows.

40c6622533c04e490baa34619eb9e04a_-reward-on-make-a-gif-ahu-gif_400-225ok a bit dramatic.. yes.. but did I feel my life was in danger at some point… absolutely..

a group of Swedish travelers also get into the first floor by bribing another guard to get in.. we fill them in on the bad news.. they double check to confirm they’re actually locked.. we reconvene and deliberate for a couple minutes.. decide our best option is to go back to the guard and bribe him a combined 4000 baht between the 5 of us for the key. His response didn’t budge.. mind you he didn’t speak a lick of english or any comprehensible language for that matter..

we concluded that he was a homeless man who got paid off from officials to steer foreigners away from bringing attention to the ghost tower because the suicide of a Swedish man inside the ghost tower a couple months back.

read about his death here

So Now the doors are barred shut.. no one has access to the rooftop except probably for Thailand Officials.. there’s a huge, 30 story Pepsi banner hanging to cover up the Ghost Tower because of the backlash it received from the Swedish Government.

So what did we do? we couldn’t go up, so the only thing left to do was to go down….. I was thoroughly freaked out.. We heard noises downstairs.. it was dark.. no lighting.. trash everywhere.. I mean has anyone seen “Don’t Breathe”. The scene where the lights go off in the basement and they can’t see the blind guy who’s about to kill them.. lol that’s probably the best way for me to explain how freaked out I was walking down the stairs to the basement.

Legit us in the basement of this abandoned building lol. I was expecting just a village of homeless zombies to be herding down there.. or for us to find another dead body… thoroughly creeped out..  With the series of events that happened, I can attest that the name lives up to its hype….

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One thought on “My Bangkok Horror Story”

  1. Buggin!!
    I watch movies and ummmmm
    I wouldve stayed at the hotel… Im sure the experience is unforgettable but I wouldve pissed my pants


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