W H Y? Things to Ponder About.

Do you ever just wake up and look around and ask.. What the fuck is going on.. I find myself asking more and more questions as to Why.

Why do leaders of Lobby’s and Corporations dictate policy?

Why are policies implemented to enforce the interests of people who are already in power?

Why is there a need to exploit family holidays and turn them into celebrated shopping sprees?

Why do we wait until Hallmark Holidays to determine when a society shuts down to spend time with family?

Why don’t we have more of an emphasis on spending time to live life with people you love instead of serving a 9-5 sentance of 25 to life until the age of 59 1/2?

Why do we have to be retired before we’re allowed, by the government standards, to focus our life on spending time with family and traveling/seeing the world?

Why did we just lower our standards for who can become president?

Why are we just now discussing gender inequility, racial stigmas, sustainable options, global warming?

Why weren’t these topics discussed 50 years ago, allowing us time to now operate as a utopian society?

Why do things have to put into labels for us to comprehend what it is?

Aren’t labels something invented to stigmatize people or objects?

Are we evolving at a faster rate than the intended baseline?

Why has the internet gone from its infancy to hacking financial information, private photos and the exploitation of these things?

Are we equipped to handle the next level of cyber evolution for the next 20 years?

Why are we exposed to more mindless advertisements from companies than we are to educational theories?

Why are teachers underpaid?

Why are CEO’s overcompensated?

If a teacher makes 50K a year and a CEO makes 50Mil a year, Is the CEO 1000x more valuable by Capitalist standards?

Why is it so much harder for the teacher’s needs to be met than it is the CEO?

What about the teacher who taught the CEO the difference between capital gain and opportunity cost.. where’s the teachers compensation for supplying that knowledge?

Why does it seem like politicians are all bred from the same family? Although having opposing far right and far left opinions, why does it all feel the same.

Why is it that there’s a system in place where people in power represent a sample of the U.S. Population, but in my experience have never been surrounded solely by politicians in my class, work, or home?

Why isn’t there an 18 y/o college student, a 36 y/o musician, a leader of a black community/jewish community/transgender community a 68 year old retired woman, and a proper represenation of immigrants in Congress?

Isn’t that a more realistic representation of the U.S. Population?

Why is it always breaking news when there’s a gay person wins an award?

Why is it breaking news when a woman wins an award?

Why don’t we live in a space where this is normalized?

Why is alcohol legal and marijuana not?

Have you ever heard of medicinal alcohol?..

Why is the hype more on weddings than it is on the actual marriages?

Why are there engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and baby showers, but only emphasize anniversaries parties after they reach a certain # of years?

Why are break-ups normalized but divorces stigmatized?

Why is education free in some countries but charged in premium here?

Doesn’t that kind of sum up the priorities we have as a country?

Why the hell are textbooks not included in college tuition?

Why are universities operated and ran as a business more so than a educational institution?

Why are colleges athletes given the option to do a year of school and then join the NBA afterwards?

Why aren’t other college freshman afforded the same opportunity to learn one year and then work for the IBM’s of the world?

Why is immigration frowned upon, but traveling abroad championed?

Why can one man implement an immigration ban on millions of people; but need millions of people and more than half of the white house as well as Washington D.C. to implement an impeachment of one man?

Where’s the balance of power there?

Why have we strayed away from using natural ingredients in our food?

Why has no one addressed the link between the food we consume, the doctors we see because of the symptoms caused from the lack of quality in the food, and the pharmacuetical companies that prosper from those symptoms?

How is that not obvious to everyone?

Why are we magically so dependent on medicine over the lat 50 years? How did we ever survive the previous thousand years?

Why isn’t sustainability 101 a required class just as math, science and english is?

Why does American History focus on belittling immigrants and slaves when the country itself was founded on migrating to the “New Land”

Why is Black History month the shortest month of the year?

Why isn’t there a Islamic History Month?

Why do we let the media use one event to generalize and demonize a entire religion, group of people?

Why can’t we police ourselves and be our own free, independent media source?

Why is it so difficult to allocate resources equally, but we teach our children from the time they’re 2 years old to “share”.

Why are we aware that corruption occurs but never initiate change?


Why am I sharing these topics with you? Because I believe it’s pivotal for us to debate and challenge these topics. In order for us to grow as a community, we have to question why things are the way they are. And instead of shutting down the opposing side just because we’re comfortable in our current baseline of facts, we can at least be open to understanding the opposing side and the possibility of being completely wrong. 




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