Roomi. Hot, Sicker than your Average Start-Up

Moving to a metropolitan area from your small hometown can be intimidating to anyone, especially when the metropolitan area is New York City. I’ve learned that the best remedy for the new-found anxiety is to put yourself out there and try new things without regard of circumstance or fear of rejection. This holds especially true for those who have a fear of missing out like I do.


Roomi is quite literally for people looking for roommates, and is one of the half dozen apps I downloaded once I found out that I got the job I wanted in the city.

Brazen and unapologetic, I accepted the job without any sort of concrete plan on where I’d live.

As the days progressed, I found myself weeding out most of the apartment/roommate searching apps aside from one: Roomi.

This was a natural occurrence because Roomi was truly built from the ground up for our generation. It’s such a pleasure to use. The UI feels familiar and has a clean presentation that makes it natural for anyone to pick up and use. It makes sense navigating: it’s simple and refined just as you’d expect. The users all share a general consensus: they’re all actual people. You can click on a particular listing and find out if the user is Facebook active, (for those who have had weird craigslist roommates in the past) and reassure that not only is the pricing and location a good fit, but so is the actual roommate. In the listing you’ll find a description of the person, what they’re looking for.. some of their interests and a messaging option to coordinate open houses. It’s a glorified “bumble” for the lease enthusiast.

LOL it’s actually a lot more intuitive 

Aside from offering a viable option to find a potential roommate online, what differentiates them from anything else I’ve experienced are the amount of time and effort they dedicate to bring their users together.

I signed up for their app on a Wednesday, and by the weekend I got invited to participate in a social event at Brooklyn Boulders. They brought us out to rock climb for the night for a discounted price with other Roomi users. I attended the event not knowing what to expect and quickly became infatuated with the company’s culture. I was instantly greeted by the community manager, met some amazing people all in the same position that I was in and got to bond over climbing and drinks shortly after. What more can you ask for?

Not enticing enough? Make sure you register to attend one of their Pop-Up Dinner parties. You’ll be treated some of the best food and wine in the city at a secret private location. Trust the instructions on the email and bring a friend to have someone to share the experience with. The events have been growing exponentially throughout the past couple of months and space is limited, so I suggest to get on that as soon as possible. The dinner parties are themed, so for Instagram and Snapchat purposes, dress up! Your followers will slide in your DM’s and inquire about where you are and what you’re doing. Next thing you know they’ll be coming out to the following months dinner event!

Last months “sleepwear” theme 

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to come out to their office location in Union Sq to spend some time around the squad of geniuses behind Roomi. And as a person working in a field totally non related to what they do, I couldn’t be more grateful to be invited out there. Like the social events I was greeted and introduced to the most wonderful group of people I’ve met since moving to the city. They were happy to show me around the office and asked me personal insight on a new marketing incentive they were working on. All-in-all, I was blown away at how beautiful the company is along with their dedication to their respective craft.

So back to my claim of having the initial anxiety that comes with moving to a huge metropolitan area with less than a handful of friends scattered throughout the city. Roomi relieves that anxiety by:

  • Providing a roommate matchmaking service in a convenient and refreshing package
  • Helping you network amongst other motivated individuals during fun social events
  • Focusing their time and energy on ensuring you find the right roommate for you

Who knows maybe you’ll be lucky enough to hold a spot down on their Insta page



Check out their listings:


Cheers & See you at the next Roomi event! 




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