3 Reasons Why Tom Hanks is the World’s Worst Traveler

Unless you’re planning on going to the North Pole


expect Tom Hanks to mess up your travel plans in one way or another.


Exhibition 1: Cast Away

R.I.P. Wilson

Need to ship an international package via FedEx? Don’t rely on Mr. Hanks to get it there. At the end of movie, he kept his self made promise to deliver a package he found on the island after the crash; but if you ask me, 2-yr shipping is a little too slow for me. I’ll stick with Amazon Prime.

Exhibition 2: Captain Phillips

Apparently he couldn’t handle being the captain either

Is it just me or is this just a continuation of Cast Away. Like Hanks recovers from the traumatic event of being stranded and finally get the courage to go back to work; leaves FedEx and tries out making large deliveries via container ships and boom, his ship gets hijacked. This man can’t catch a break.

Exhibition 3: Sully

I love his “ah faack, not again” face

Hanks outdoes himself here. Dual Engine Failure? No worries, he’ll just use the Hudson River as his landing strip. What an absolute turn of events. Still though, would it be too much to ask to see a movie with Hanks successfully transferring people and goods from point A to point B without feeling the need to put them through disaster first?

Public Service Announcement: If ever there’s a time when you’re traveling and see Hanks as your designated Captain…



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