Today’s Workout.

Summer is all about slimming down, toning up and getting your cardio up. 

Today’s Workout: Ab and Leg day. 

This is a workout that requires a partner (to make it more fun) and a ton of motivation/discipline.

Stretching is a must as always, before and after the workout. Stay Hydrated

Start with your phone. Pull up your timer app.

  1. Jump Rope consistently for an entire song.
    • Pull up any 3 minute song on your phone. Jump to various speeds. (I like to speed up every time the chorus comes on).
  2. Lay On Your Back: do scissor kicks for 30 seconds
  3. Roll Over: Plank for 1 minute
  4. Roll Back Over: grab a medicine ball and bring it side to side continuously for 30 seconds
    • all the while tense up your ab muscles to get the most out of it
  5. Lay On Your Back: do leg raises, with legs straight (not bent) for 30 seconds
    • Targets those dreaded lower abs that we neglect .
    • Make sure not to let your feet hit the ground at any point!

End of First Set

Take a 2 minute break. Drink Water wipe off your sweat. We’re just getting started.

  1. Again jump rope for an entire song
    • work on your rhythm, change your speeds up once you get a hang of it, jump higher, jump on one leg, change feet. etc.
    • this a an extremely effective way of working on your cardio, without the stagnant pace of running on a treadmill, so expect to sweat!
  2. Jump Squat while holding a medicine ball close to your chest
    • do this for 30 seconds
    • I use a 14lb medicine ball
  3.  Grab 2 dumbbells (at whatever weight you’re comfortable with, I usually do 35 lbs)
    • do forward lunges for 1 minute
  4. Jump Squat for 1 minute without the medicine ball
  5. Forward Lunge for 1 minute without dumbbells 

      End of Second Set


      Repeat 1st and 2nd sets for 4 total sets


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