“I love the city! I just wouldn’t live there”

A Suburban Perspective

We treat New York City like some far off, foreign, concrete paradise with endless possibilities. We visit with the freedom of public transportation that starts off as a lustful relationship. Pay $2.60 or so to get from Midtown to Brooklyn. We split $200 for one night at some hidden gem Hilton Garden Inn-like hotel with just enough space to fit 2 beds, one night stand, and a half bath that’s marketed as a full size hotel room. We pre-game, turn up, uber everywhere and bar hop til’ 5 am. And of course, end the night with platters of chicken and rice on 53rd and 6th.

However, the once lustful relationship with the city dies off with the fierce realization that we had 4 hours of sleep, had nothing but liquor and carbs for 12 straight hours and have a full day of plans ahead with a not so lustful 2 1/2 drive back home with work the following morning. This realization is best served with a cold glass of “Sunglasses and Advil”.

We flirt with New York City which is the idea of endless freedom and 12 happy hour destinations per block, the choice of waiting for an uber or hopping in a taxi, and paying $40 cover because of a false hope that rooftop location is worth the instagram picture.

But at the end of the day, we won’t leave our committed relationship that is Connecticut. The ability to hop in our car and drive our newly re-paved roads that is 384 or Rt 2 and go to the gym at any given moment; or eat at the same Chipotle or Moe’s we’ve been going to since high school that we know and love. We love larding on the couch and watching the same Sportscenter episode or the same Kardashian story on E News because we don’t rely on scheduled public transportation every day; we have those extra 20 minutes of “Me” time that gives us all the right feels.

The city is that seasonal $8 latte we’ve all tried at Starbucks that we only get when we have a little extra driving time before work on Friday when that direct deposit came in.


A Suburban Perspective




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